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Dana Wu Wassmer on Nutrition

In her latest contribution, Dana Wu Wassmer, Cosumnes River College, ask a very important question: Is Your Child Fat Read more about Dana Wu Wassmer.

Here the lowdown on Artificial Sweetners.

And, a look at the oh so scary side of Halloween.

Right to Know, delves deeper into what's really in our food.

Dana's Archive from 2011-12

It's Not the Food Trucks and It Starts in the Home, she shares her insight regarding recent regulatory changes and proposed legislation

Here, she offers her take on the Top Ten Dieting Mistakes,

In Run to End Hunger, Dana sheds light on how we can all help fight the plight of hunger.

Here, she urges students to Make Time for Cooking at home.

In Sleep On It,  she stresses the importatance of adequate sleep.

Dana's Archive from 2010-2011

Healthy strategies for Eating on the Go,

A controversial topic, Soda Tax.

She takes a look at the new federal Dietary Requirements.

In Food Choices in a Recession, more strategies for getting the most nutrition for your money.

Here, she helps to decipher Food Labels.

In Step One-Shopping, she walks us through the grocery aisles with a focus on nutrition.

In Fries with That? she offers some nutrional information on common menu items at various fast food chains..

She takes a look at the elusive aspects of Vitamin D absorption.

Dana uncovers the science of salt. Sure, sodium is necessary for our health but you may want to put away that salt shaker.

From her 2009-10 archive, Dana:

Explores the dynamics of fat, carbs and protein as they relate to muscle building.

Offers a cautionary tale on portion size which is not synonymous with serving size.  You really need to read those nutrition labels closely to determine the most healthful way to eat.

Looks at the Gluten Free Diet and breaks down the benefits or possibly the lack thereof for the general population.

As a Nutritionist, Dana  is morally opposed to diets.  However, she offers some great and healthy strategies for controlling your weight in the New Year.

As her son goes went through the college application process, looked at the "myth" of the Freshmen 15.  Turns out not to be a myth after all.  She offers strategies to combat it.

Weighed in on that holiday lurking in the shadows, Halloween and the snack sized treats that we might consume without a second thought.  The moral to this treat tale, snack size can really add up.

Responded to an article in Time magazine and dispels a few myths and misconceptions about diet and exercise, in "No Pain, All Gain?" 

Took a look at Macrobiotic Diets...if they're good enough for Gwynth Paltrow and Madonna, what are we missing out on? Perhaps some essential vitamins.

Articles of Interest

LATTC Partnership w/ LAX, Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times

Orange Coast College Culinary Team Wins Gold at ACF
Is Local Food Really More Eco-Friendly?, Wendy Koch, USA Today

2013 Student CA/Hosp Symposium and Competition

The Annual CCC Culinary Arts/Hospitality Symposium and Competition is scheduled for Friday, May 10th at the Energy Resource Center in Downey, CA.  Poster with links to Registration for Competitors and Attendees.  Theme: Celebrating Julia Child; Hot Foods - Coq au Vin; Baking - Black Forst Cake in A New Way; Tablescape - Julia's Table.



Labor Market Data

Sector information has emerged from the "Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy" Critical Conversations with Vice Chancellor Van Ton-Quinlivan. Here's more info on the Retail and Hospitality sector, relevant to Hospitality, Fashion and Culinary Arts.

Pro Development Event Recap

Here's a recap of "Current Trends and Challenges for the Hospitality Industry-2010" with our presenters' Bio Sheet and their presentations: Andrew Feinstein, Dean of the Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona; Dan Fenton, CEO of San Jose Now; Chef Paul John Bernhardt Diablo Valley College; and John Southwell, GM of San Jose Hilton and Crowne Plaza Hotels.

Student Symposium and Competition - Archive

Many thanks to the competitors, attendees sponsors and supporters. Here are the results for the 2011 Student Symposium and Competition April 29, 2011.

2010 Culinary Arts/Hospitality Student Competition Results!

"New Directions: New Frontiers" was held at the Energy Resource Center in Downey on April 16th. The event was at capacity with approximately 200 attendees, 12 Hot Foods competitors and 8 Tablescape competitors. Hot Foods Winners - Kevin Bui - Cypress 1st Place, Davina Gongora - OCC 2nd place, Victoria Garcia - Cerritos 3rd Place.  Tablescape Winners - Chelsea Clapper - Cypress 1st Place, Kim Allen - OCC 2nd Place, Cindi Slater - LATTC 3rd Place.  Special thanks to all the sponsors, judges and presenters. Here's a slideshow that captures all the excitement. (photos courtesy of Liem Bui).

2009 Culinary Arts and Hospitality Competition Recap

This year's CCC Culinary Arts Student Competition and Symposium, "California Dreamin'"introduced a tablescape competition component for Hospitality students, too.  Click here or on image for recap.

CA Dream Thumb

Ted Russin's Presentation

For those of you unable to join us at the April 16th Culinary Arts/Hospitality Symposium and Competition, here's the Professional Development component.  A presentation from Ted Russin, Food Scientist with CP Kelco with hands-on exercises.

The War on Salt

Emily Sohn, in a special contribution to the Los Angeles Times, writes about The War on Salt. For years health experts have been trying to reduce our sodium intake.  Here's evidence that some food companies might finally be joining the fight against salt.

The Path of a Pathogen

The New York Times takes an unflinching look at the path of an e.coli outbreak that left a young woman seriously debilitated. It's an eye-opening account of the beef processing industry. 

Successful Beginnings

Lisa Ledeboer, Mt. San Antonio College offers some timely exercises to start the new semester.  No matter the discipline, here are a variety of activities to engage your students.

Learning Culture Through Food

In the Los Angeles Times, Mary MacVean observes a hands-on workshop for K-12 teachers incorporating food and geography.  UCLA offers the one-day seminar through its International Institute and the UCLA History Geography Project. 

Food Lab and Incubator, Too?

Two interesting articles from the Los Angeles Times. One by Betty Hallock, features food Scientist Ted Russin and a behind the scenes look at his San Diego food lab. Another, by Mary MacVean uncovers a great resource in LA for aspiring food entreprenuers, an incubator for culinary dreams.

New Directions

This Los Angeles Times article highlights an innovative program to redirect troubled youth towards the kitchen.

Chocolate Formula? "Say it Ain't So"

Jennifer Wernau with an article from the Los Angeles Times on the  backlash in the blogosphere from introduction of chocolate and vanilla flavored toddler formula.  Here's her follow-up article, as Mead Johnson has decided to stop making the chocolate version.

From Farm to Table - Two Articles

In a interesting article from the Los Angeles Times, P.J. Huffstutter, on the latest methods of tracking food from farm to table, means making strides in food safety.

In a related article Huffstutter looks at the impact the national recall of eggs from some farms in the midwest is having on California egg farmers.

Student Entrepreneur Workshop - May 2nd - CaƱada College

"What's Your Big Idea?" Student Entrepreneur Workshop coming to a campus near youCañada College in Redwood City on Thursday May 2nd. Free Event open to CCC Students and Faculty from area schools in all disciplines. Online registration available here!.

FCS Pro Development Event - Culinary Arts

Join us for "Olive Oil and Wine: a California Perspective" on December 3rd at the Preferred Marketing Group in Chatsworth. Register Online. (Pre-registration required)

Food Service Seminars

Here's a link to a complete list of the So Cal Gas Co's Food Service Seminars set for fall 2010 scheduled for the Energy Resource Center in Downey.

A New Tactic in War on Obesity

Here's an OP-ED piece from the New York Times, advocating for Home Economics education in public schools to fight obesity.

Community Table

Mary MacVean, Los Angeles Times, with a look at Eden's Garden.  About Pisgah Village in Highland Park, CA. a community for low income seniors that is bringing people together around the table

ACF - Events in Southern CA

Oct 25 - ACF Meeting and Social in Santa Monica - Details

November 21- Annual AFCLA Charity Golf Tournament Braemar Golf Course, Tarzana

Pro Development - Santa Ana

Join us May 13th at the Doubletree - Santa Ana for the 2nd Annual CCC/CSU Symposium brought to you by the CCC Chancellor's office FCS Grant and the CSU Hospitality Management Education Initiative (HMEI). Links to Online Registration, Agenda and Flier.

Recap of Pro Development Event - May 4, 2012 - Chico

The 2012 Pro Development Hospitality Symposium, was held Friday, May 4th at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co in Chico CA.  The event was open to CCC and CSU faculty and sponsored by the FCS Grand and North/Far North Regional Consortium. Flier with more info on speakers. San Jose State/Pebble Beach Program  presented by Richard Larson and Beat Giger; Sierra Nevada Chef, Michael Iles on Current Trends; Richard Hernandez on Hiring at Hyatt; and, an inspiring piece that closed Dan Evans of Rim Hospitality's presentation.

Culinary Arts Pro Development Event-Register Now!

Friday, December 7th @ Surfas in Culver City.  Join your CCC colleagues to help plan the 2013 Culinary Arts/Hospitality Competition & Symposium. Online registration required. See flier w/ registration link and more info here!

Hospitality/Culinary Pro Development: April 19th

Join your CCC/CSU colleagues for the 4th Annual Symposium Friday, April 19th @ The Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona. Learn about the latest trends in Hospitality hiring from some of the top industry leaders. Download Save the Date Flier -Registration Now Open!

The Real Story - For-Profit Schools

For-profit colleges have once again come under scrutiny for overstating and under delivering on their promises. Get the “real” story" behind a class action suit against the California Culinary Academy.  A follow-up: A multi-million dollar settlement has been reached.


Nutrition, Food Science and Culinary Arts education in California community colleges provides opportunities to acquire and apply knowledge and skills related to nutrition principles, food science, food preparation and management. These programs provide education and training leading to career technical certificates, associate degrees, certification or transfer to a four-year institution. 
Nutrition, Food Science and Culinary Arts programs work closely with business and professional organizations to meet employer expectations and enhance employability of students. Emphasis is placed on career education programs and developing jobs skills.
For more information on Nutrition, Food Science and Culinary Arts Curriculum, please see the Nutrition, Food Science and Culinary Arts Chapter of the recently updated FCS Program Plan 2009 or follow this link to the complete Program Plan 2009, featuring an Introduction, a chapter on Articulation and a Directory of Professional and Trade Organizations.

Putting Reseach into Practice

One in an occassional series, Dr. Wendy Reiboldt, Cal State Long Beach, offers an opportunity to directly apply research in your FCS classroom, this time for Nutrition, with Portion Distortion.

2011-12 Program Showcase

Take a look at the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program at Cypress College - thanks to Lisa Clark and Stephanie Rosati for sharing information on their program.

2010-11 Program Showcase

Santa Rosa Junior College with a look at their Culinary Arts Program, featuring their Cafe/Bakery, Job Matching Program and a glimpse of their beautiful new facility scheduled to open in 2012.

Not Your Mom's Home Ec 

Amy Scattergood from the Los Angeles Times, takes a look at Home Ec in high schools today. the curriculum may have changed but it's becoming increasingly popular.

2009-10 Program Showcases
Andrew Feldman, highlights the way the Hospitality Management and Tourism, Culinary Arts and Nutrition Programs at Glendale Community College are working together to support student success. The PowerPoint with student stories on page 10: 








In another project, Steve Kasmar, LA Trade Tech, offers a look at their Culinary Arts Program with video links within the PowerPoint.









Jill Golden at Orange Coast College gives us an up-to-date look at their Culinology Program via an interactive PowerPoint complete with video excerpts.


Consumer Handbook
Syndicated columnist, Lew Sichelman, highlights the newly available and free the 30th Edition of the Consumer Action Handbook, a great resource for all disciplines.




















































































































































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